Dr. Silke Massmann - My path to Pohltherapy

From my own experience I am convinced that behind most of the pain, abnormal sensations and sometimes puzzling discomforts there is a real physical finding and that it is not just an “imaginary” symptom. The holistic view of the body, the in-depth knowledge of the functional anatomy, the muscle and fascia system and the partnership-based cooperation between therapist and patient are the prerequisites for identifying the underlying causes and finding solutions for it.

As a former competitive athlete and due to massive abdominal operations at the age of 10 and 11, I experienced early on that injuries and pain are “part of life”. Over the years I have experienced a wide variety of aches and pains, especially those affecting the musculoskeletal system, but also some “inexplicable” complaints.

These were treated with the most varied of methods, some of which were more successful, some less so. I tried out many different therapies, I learned a lot and gained exciting insights.

However, I also asked myself why always only either the body and often then only a specific part of the body or else body awareness was in focus rather than a holistic approach. When I read Dr. Helga Pohl’s book „Unerklärliche Beschwerden”, it seemed to describe exactly the method I had been looking a long time for. Shortly after, I attended a seminar, had myself treated by a therapist and decided to complete the three-year training as a Pohltherapist with Dr. Helga Pohl at Lake Starnberg.

This closes a circle for me, because even after graduating from high school I wavered between studying medicine or chemistry. After I had decided on chemistry, my interests and research during my studies, doctoral theses and other scientific activities always focussed on medical topics and the corresponding methods. During this time, I researched metabolic processes in cancer and autoimmune diseases.

This was followed by many years of work in a large corporation, during which I trained as a systemic coach. In this role I was able to successfully accompany and support many people going through change and development processes. After the Pohltherapy® gave me new mobility, freedom from pain and increased energy levels, the desire grew in me to combine all of my acquired knowledge professionally and to work as a Pohltherapist. I am a certified Pohltherapist and certified Heilpraktiker.

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Dr. Silke Massmann - Dipl. Chem. and Heilpraktikerin
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